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Very useful Tips in raising dogs “part one”

Dog goes toilet during the night?

Puppies, especially very young puppies (under two months) cannot be expected to hold it for long periods of time until they are over six months of age.

Adult dogs can occasionally have accidents overnight but this should not be a regular occurrence as they should have control over their bladder and bowel motions and be able to hold it while they are sleeping once they have been let out just before bed time and not left for a long time in the morning, left for twelve hours without being let out is unrealistic for a dog to hold that long.

If it is an older dog then maybe you need to ask yourself some questions. Is he being left too long? Is he being disturbed early in the morning waking him up? Is he being fed too late in the evening? Does he actually go to the toilet before going to bed; you may need to accompany him? Or does the floor near his bed smell like urine and he is confused as to whether it is his toilet area? Don’t always assume that the dog has done this just to be bold; there could always be practical answers.

With any situation where an adult dog goes toilet where they know they shouldn’t always ask as to why and who maybe at fault. Sometimes it could be a routine they have learnt and you may need to train them to go else where or sometimes there maybe a medical reason.


“Tips in raising dogs” Can’t get your dog in a bath?

Large dogs are always difficult to bath yourself because they are very hard to lift into the bath or you may have a rule where you don’t allow the dog upstairs and in some cases that is where the bath is.

For what ever reason you can’t get your dog into a bath try doing it outdoors in the summer or using a kitchen floor in the winter, what ever suits you. Arrange you kitchen to have space and put old towels or sheets on the ground.

Fill a few buckets with warm water, not too hot or it will be uncomfortable for the dog. Wet your dog with water from a sponge so that it does go all over the ground. With a second sponge, apply some dog shampoo and lather and then rinse with the first sponge with clean water. Keeping rinsing until the coat is rid of the shampoo. In hot weather rinse off with a garden hose, a bit of fun and it helps rinse them quick.


“Tips in raising dogs” How do I get my dog to Swim?

Getting your dog familiar with water such as the sea is very important and you should introduce them at a very young age if possible.

Swimming pools can seem like a daunting thing for a dog as there may be no sloped edge for them to easily get out of.

Try to entice your dog to start going for swims in lakes, river banks and the sea where there is a gentle slope going into the water and where the dog can easily get out of and feel safe while in the water.

Teaching a dog to swim is very important as they could some day be in a situation that involves water and it could be life threatening.

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“Tips in raising dogs” Your new puppy and old dog?

The key to bringing your two dogs together is supervision, especially to make sure that the adult dog doesn’t forget his own strength and hurts the puppy.

The other key element is to make sure that your adult dog gets attention just as much as the puppy does because otherwise the adult dog will begin to feel jealous and then take it out on the puppy. It is also ideal to get your puppy when it is young so that it doesn’t progress too much into its fear stage, a younger puppy i.e. younger than eight weeks, are usually much more adventurous and chance takers.

Don’t ever leave your puppy and the adult dog alone until you are completely sure they are at ease with one another. Although a puppy looks small and defenseless, they can give a sharp enough nip to an adult dog’s legs and paws so when they nip back don’t always assume that the adult dog is the one at fault. Quite often you will see a change in your adult dog’s behaviour as they may get a new lease of life when they begin to pay with a puppy again.


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