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Very useful Tips in raising dogs “part two”

“Tips in raising dogs” My dog and my baby

If your dog is kept well, given its required injections and brought to the vet regularly then worrying about your dog giving illnesses to your baby shouldn’t be an issue.

In relation to your dog becoming jealous, it is up to you to prepare your dog before the baby arrives i.e. introduce them to the new equipment such as prams and cots so it doesn’t become such a shock. When you want to introduce your dog to your baby, it is best to do this when maybe you are feeding the baby as this would usually be a relaxing atmosphere for the dog to be introduced to the baby.

While you are feeding the baby, let the dog sit beside you and speak to the dog as normal. Discourage your dog from touching, jumping or licking the baby or the baby’s cot/pram so that when the baby cries, which can be an unfamiliar and distressing sound for the dog, they will already know not to go near where the baby is.

Always make sure there is some place where the dog can go for peace and quiet. Never leave the baby and dog alone, always take one of them with you to be safe. Don’t allow your child to pull your dog’s ears or poke them as this may encourage them to give a nip. If you have a large dog that needs a good walk, walking along side a pram may not be sufficient and never attach your dog’s lead to a pram or leave them alone.

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“Tips in raising dogs” My big dog keeps attacking smaller dogs.

This is a natural instinct for big dogs to tower over small dogs and growl at them. But it’s the way an owner reacts as to whether it becomes more than a growl.

In this situation the smaller dog will usually know when they are overpowered and will simply lie still, when the older dog feels he has made his point he will simply walk away. The owner of the smaller dog should not call him or pull the dog away until the situation has deescalated.

The owner of the big dog should walk away and keeping calling the big dog and encourage the big dog to follow. Teaching your dog to ‘leave’ and ‘come’ would be very helpful in this situation.

“Tips in raising dogs” My dog is ruining my garden

It is natural for dogs to dig and bury but they can be taught garden manners. When the dog is out in the garden, stay with him and anytime he shows the behaviour correct him and misdirect his behaviour onto something else, this is just to stop him doing it right there and then.

Try to fill in holes with stones and concrete to avoid them from filling it with soil or from them digging further and possibly from getting out of the garden. Put up low fences around your flower bed to show the dog where the flowers begin and to teach them garden manners, i.e. correct them when the set foot in the flowers and reward them for not walking or digging in them.


This can also help if your dog has a habit of beheading your flowers, as if you teach them not to go into the flower bed then they will stay away from your flower heads, and hopefully this will also be a learnt behaviour for outside too.

If your dog has begun to uproot your flowers and bring them around the garden or into the house then you must teach your dog that this is not acceptable. When he initially has uprooted the flower, pick up the flower and replant it (even if it is dead) and say no to the dog, and keep an eye on them while they are in the garden, if he does it again immediately scold him and replant the flower (even if it is really dead). They will soon learn that they are no meant to touch the flowers.


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