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Very useful Tips in raising dogs “part three “

“Tips in raising dogs” My dog is always brawling with other dogs

If you are aware that your dog can become accustomed to getting into brawls then that dog should not be taken out be anyone who can not take/ keep control of the dog. When taking the dog out, you should try avoiding public places where a lot of dogs are i.e. the park or beach.

If your dog gets into a brawl they will not feel a slap from you while they are in the midst of it. Try bringing a bottle of water that you can squeeze over them as the element of surprise works best. When the two dogs do separate, quickly take control of your own dog and walk away from the situation.

Teaching your dog to ‘leave’ would be very helpful in this situation and having a high control level with them would be vital. It is a rare situation where two dogs would brawl to death, normally one of them would back out.

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“Tips in raising dogs” What to do if your dog swallows something small?

You should always be weary of what your dog is up to and what they are chewing/eating. It can become unpredictable with dogs when they chew things and spit them out and when they chew things and swallow them.

Always play it safe and make sure nothing harmful is at reach of your dog. If something has been swallowed and possibly lodged in their throat i.e. a ball or toy, then you need two people to solve the problem.

The first person needs to hold the dog and open their mouth as wide as possible, not blocking their nose, and try to hold out the tongue. The other person should try to grasp the item with their fingers or using a plier if needed. If you feel that you can not grasp it or your pushing it further back, then stop and bring the dog straight to an emergency vet. Whenever bringing an animal to an emergency vet, make sure you ring before you leave to make sure someone if there and they are ready for you.

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“Tips in raising dogs” Giving dogs tablets if they refuse to swallow them

Ask your veterinarian if the tablet has to be swallowed whole, because if it doesn’t then you can crush it into some food that the dog particularly likes to eat.

Or if it has to be whole then try to put it in a piece of sausage or cheese or what ever the dog really likes as a treat. If in the situation the dog can not take food with the tablet then you must put the tablet in the make sure they swallow it.

Hold the tablet with one hand and with the other open the dogs mouth by pressing on the lower incisors, then place the tablet on the centre of the tongue and close the mouth keeping the mouth closed by your hands for a couple of seconds until the dog has been forced to swallow the tablet.

It is always handy if someone else could help you; either hold the dog and give the tablet, especially if it is a big dog.


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