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10 Ways To Keep Cats Healthy

10 Ways To Keep Cats Healthy


Whether your cat is allowed to roam freely outdoors or if it is strictly a house cat, it will require exercise every day. Make sure your cat has room to run around and places to safely jump and climb, as all these activities will keep your cat naturally fit, strong and happy.


Cats need access to fresh, clean water at all times, particularly during the summer months when heat can cause dehydration. To encourage your cat to drink enough water during summer, you can use an automated water dispenser or fountain, or put ice cubes in your cat’s water – your cat will most likely play with the cubes for a while before eventually having a drink.

Good quality food

Cats have very particular nutritional requirements and a correct diet is a key part of any cat’s health. Meat is an essential part of cat nutrition and owners can choose to feed their pet dry food or ‘wet’ cat food from tins or pouches. Cat food should be measured out in accordance with guidelines on the packet and not left out in large amounts for cats to pick at.

Not too many table scraps

While a treat once in a while will not harm your cat, regular table scraps can upset the balance of your cat’s diet and lead to health problems. Too much of certain foods, such as the liver, which is very rich in vitamin A, can be toxic to a cat. Pet insurance often covers medical expenses but you can help avoid having to make a claim by moderating your cat’s treats.

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Cats would rely on their alertness, quick reflexes, and agility to catch mice and birds in the wild, so it is important to their general health and happiness that they are provided with a range of toys in the home to allow them to hone their catching skills. Simple toys such as mice on a string, crinkly material, or fabric with catnip in can keep your cat from getting bored and allow them to use their hunting skills at home.

Scratching post

Cats love a good scratch to keep their claws sharp and their limbs nice and stretched. Scratching posts and other cat scratch toys are important to keep your cat in good shape – and to protect your furniture from being the victim of your cat’s claws!

A window to watch from

There is a good reason so many cats are seen sat on windowsills watching the world go by. Cats need to know their environment and surroundings so that they can feel safe and secure in their part of the world. Cats who are not able to watch the world from a window can get anxious, much like cats who are moved frequently from place to place.

Store toxic material safely

Cats are notoriously curious creatures and they will explore every nook and cranny of your house. While pet insurance comparison websites may help you cover your cat in the event of an accident, it is best to store any potentially harmful chemicals or toxic products somewhere that your cat will never find them.

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Hide delicate items

Sadly, your prized possessions will mean very little to your cat. For the safety of your cat and your property, anything likely to fall over and break if nudged should be placed somewhere that your cat cannot access – and bear in mind cats are agile jumpers! Compare pet insurance online to find out if you can cover your possessions in case of breakage.

Love & company

One of the most important considerations in keeping a cat healthy is companionship. Without regular human contact and affection, cats will show symptoms of distress and neglect. While cats can happily entertain themselves for a number of hours, more than a day without human contact will take its toll.

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