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Pet Insurance – 5 Reasons Every Pet Owner Should Buy Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance – 5 Reasons Every Pet Owner Should Buy Pet Insurance

You might be unsure about the benefits of insuring your cat or dog, but here are at least five reasons why every pet owner should buy pet insurance.

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Vet Care is Expensive

Vet care expenses can be astronomical. Routine annual visits can cost up to $400, while serious conditions such as heart disease may result in thousands of dollars in vet bills. Various insurance coverage options cover these bills completely – with little-to-no out-of-pocket costs to you.

Even if your pet stays healthy, a standard pet insurance policy typically costs a fraction of the price of yearly pet health maintenance (shots, routine exams, preventive care, etc.). Pet illness can cause deep emotional stress for you and your family – don’t let high medical costs add to the strain.

Pet insurance is a simple, inexpensive way to keep your pet and your wallet safe.

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Pets Age

Cats and dogs can live for upwards of 15 years depending on their breed (small dogs such as terriers can live to be 18 or older). Just like people, pets develop different medical needs as they age. Your two-year-old dog may be a healthy adolescent right now, but may be susceptible to a range of ailments as he ages. Pet health can deteriorate quickly, especially if the animal isn’t receiving ongoing vet care for preventive maintenance. The best way to ensure your furry friend stays healthy at every age is to keep pet insurance active throughout its lifetime. One policy can cover annual visits, routine exams, illnesses and aging care.

Emergencies Do Happen

Pets can’t choose when they get sick or injured. If your beloved cat or dog gets hurt or seriously ill – you could be looking at thousands of dollars in sudden medical bills. If the infirmity occurs during the middle of the night or weekend, you may also incur after-hours rates and other surcharges and fees. Pet insurance policy holders don’t have to worry about emergency expenses. For an affordable monthly or yearly rate, they make sure their pet is covered.

Pet Insurance Options Are Flexible

From wellness plans that cover routine maintenance, to major medical and maximum coverage plans that insure against virtually any health need that may arise – pet owners can choose the insurance options, price and deductibles that best fit their needs. Customized policies are available for cats, dogs, kittens, puppies and (sometimes) specific breeds.

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You Love Your Dog Or Your Cat

One thing dog lovers and cat lovers agree on is the fact that they love their pets. Make sure you keep yours healthy and happy for as long as possible. Give them all the vet care they need without cleaning out your bank account.


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