Home Animals 12 dogs with floppy ears that are irresistibly cute

12 dogs with floppy ears that are irresistibly cute

12 dogs with floppy ears that are irresistibly cute

Do your ears hang low? Yours probably aren’t, but these dogs with floppy ears definitely have ears that hang low – they even swing from left to right! Besides being an endearing feature that makes your pup even more adorable (if that’s possible), floppy ears serve a purpose.

Some dogs have floppy ears due to years of breeding, but hunting dogs (like the basset hound) use their long ears to help them smell. The long ears help them to stimulate trapped scent particles so that the dogs can continue to hunt for long distances.

Generally, owners of dogs with floppy ears do not face negative health consequences, even if they have to do extra cleaning, as dogs with long ears are more prone to ear infections. And contrary to popular belief, floppy ears don’t actually impact a dog’s hearing, even if the sound seems muffled. So your dog with floppy ears can hear just as well as dogs with pointed ears. Dogs have hyper-sensitive hearing, so your puppy should have no problem hearing you if you call him (he’ll probably just ignore you).

These cute little dogs will make you want to run to the shelter as soon as possible to find a companion with floppy ears. You may even find some of these dogs on our list of most popular dog breeds, and for good reason.

1 Basset Hound

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You probably immediately thought of a basset hound when you heard “floppy ears.” His ears look even longer because of his long face and small legs. Basset hounds are excellent trackers and are easily recognized by most people. Although they can be quite stubborn, they are generally low maintenance dogs that remain loyal no matter what.


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