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Cat-Proof Your Home

Cat-Proof Your Home

Kittens and cats are lively and curious, which can lead them into serious trouble unless you take preventative measure.  Also remember that your cat has a lower vantage point than your own, like a baby who has begun to crawl, and may be attracted to things you do not see when you are standing.   

It’s practically impossible to absolutely cat-proof your home against accidents, but for your cat’s health and safety, here are some suggestions: 

  • Securely screen all windows to help prevent falls.  Keep your cat off balconies, upper porches and high decks. 
  • Securely store poisonous materials.  Keep these in tightly closed areas where your cat cannot get access.  Remember, cats are handy little creatures and have been known to open cabinets and doors. 
  • Remove poisonous houseplants or place them in hanging baskets completely our of your cat’s reach.  Ask your veterinarian or for a complete list of dangerous plants.  Some indoor and outdoor plants which are poisonous to cats include:
Poisonous Plants
AmaryllisIvy (most types)
AzaleaLilies (all types)
Castor BeanMorning Glory
Corn PlantOleander
CyclamenPhilodendron (all types)
DaphnePrecatory Bean
Dumb Cane (all types)Rhododendron
FoxgloveRubber Plant
HollyWeeping Fig
  • Keep toilet lids down.  Cats may play in the water and the lid could close and trap them.  Also residual toilet bowl cleanser left in the bowl is harmful if swallowed.
  • Store plastic bags where your cat can’t get inside them and suffocate or chew or tear them and swallow bits of plastic. 
  • Cut plastic six-pack beverage holders apart to prevent your cat from getting tangled in them.  This will also protect wildlife that may accidentally encounter them.
  • Keep exposed electrical cords as short as possible, or tack them against a baseboard so that your cat can’t play with or chew them.
  • Store sewing supplies out of your cat’s reach. Buttons, needles, pins, and thread can hurt his mouth or internal organs if swallowed.  The same goes for nails, screws and other small pieces of hardware. 
  • Never use electric blankets to line your cat’s bed.  He could be electrocuted if he chews the wire. 


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