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Flea Control & Prevention for Pets

Flea Control & Prevention for Pets

If you have been lucky enough thus far to not have been plagued with a flea problem, thank your lucky stars. It’s a pain in the paw! But there are ways to control and prevent a flea breakout. For long term flea control you can give your pet Program and Advantage regularly and continually.

Fleas are more common in some areas and regions then others. Fleas can cause skin irritation and constant itchiness as they crawl around your pet’s skin. They can also cause tapeworm in your pets in some cases. Fleas are more prominent during the warm summer months. However if you live in a climate that is warm year round, it is best to have your pet on flea control all year round.

The stepping stone of good flea control and prevention starts with a product named Program – Program is essential to keep fleas from spreading through out your home. If your home is already infested continued use of Program will eventually eradicate those pesky little fleas.

Tip: Sprinkle Borax (found at most supermarkets) on carpets and under coach pillows etc – allow it to sit for 24hrs. (keep your pet confined) and then vacuum the Borax up. The Borax kills fleas, when the flea ingests it.

Understanding the Flea Cycle:

Program is a molecule known as “Chitin inhibitor” This molecule prevents the flea from being able to synthesize the chitin (the thick outer shell of the adult flea and the ingredient that makes the flea egg hard) without the hard outer shell – the flea can’t survive. For these reasons it is impossible for fleas that suck the blood of a dog on Program to survive or multiply. So if your dog picks up one flea from outdoors, the flea can’t’ turn into 500 hundred fleas and invade your dog and home.

Program should be given to our pet orally – once per month. Program is used for flea prevention; however it will not kill adult fleas. Should your pet have adult fleas tormenting him, then you should apply a dose of Advantage which is safe for dogs and cats, yet it will kill the fleas within hours of application. We advise using Advantage only when needed not on a month to month basis such as Program. When needed they do work well together to kill and prevent fleas.

So there you have it, to keep your home and pets flea free get on Program and use Advantage when necessary to kill fleas that are already tormenting your pet and invading your home!


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