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Pet Management… Tick tock, Tick tock

Pet Management… Tick tock, Tick tock

Time management for pets – many people would laugh at the thought but it is a reality. No your pets do not need their own planner but you certainly need to include them in yours. Pets are amazing creatures and for many of us a necessity, however they are not always easy to deal with.

Like humans, pets are now living much longer. Getting a pet is a lifetime commitment – all of theirs and a great deal of yours. You really do need to understand what you are getting into and how much you are willing to give and to spend before you make your final decision.

Different animals have different advantages as far as time management goes. Cats are independent and can be alone for a few days and dogs can tag along much easier. Birds, reptiles, fish, rodents, cats, and dogs all have very different needs. You need to take a hard look at your lifestyle in deciding what to get.

Once you have decided what kind of pet makes sense with your lifestyle, you can actually plan around them. Put dog walks, cat sitting or vet appointments into your planner. Ask in advance for someone to keep an eye on your pets while you are away. If you plan to bring an animal along on a trip, find out as much as you can before you leave.

They sent us back at the USA/Canadian border because we did not even think to bring our dog’s vaccine papers with us. Another time, we realized a day before leaving that in Yellowstone dogs were not allowed farther than 15 feet from the road. Our dog would have spent most of the trip in the van (and it was too hot for that) or the tent trailer. Luckily, we realized this and left her with relatives.

I had clients while running an errand and concierge business that had pets with unique time management needs. One was diabetic and needed a needle every 12 hours – a lot of planning went into their vacations. I had another client with senior horses that needed a 3rd feeding late at night. Most of her plans revolved around the horses. While these are more labor extensive cases, your pet’s bladder can affect your time decisions, for instance my in-law’s dog can last about 7 hours.

They do their best not to leave him longer than that and have left family events early because of the dog. I heard another story of a couple who were about to book into a hotel when they realized that both the kids were out for the night and alas, no one could let the dog out. At eleven pm, they drove a few hours home.

I have two cats, a dog that I love dearly but I also understand that for people time management is more about self-management, and for pet owners that includes pet management!

PS. Stop by Take Your Pet before planning your next trip, they have an extensive list of pet friendly hotels.


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