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Traveling With Your Dog

Traveling With Your Dog

Traveling with your dog can be a stressful event. Below you will find information on making car trips, as well as plane travel, a little easier on both you and your dog.

Car Trips

Carsickness is common in many dogs. To help your dog adjust to traveling in the car, it is best that you begin taking your dog on small, short trips while your dog is young.

A few important suggestions to heed when traveling with your dog in a car:

Tip Number One

When taking a car trip, it is best if your dog has an empty stomach. We reiterate that carsickness is a very common occurrence in dogs.

Tip Number Two

If size permits, travel with your dog in a crate. This will help him to relax and feel more secure during the trip.

Tip Number Three

Never let your dog hang his head out the window or travel in the back of an open truck while you are driving. Your dog could very well jump out or fall out, and eye injuries are a possibility as well.

Tip Number Four

If taking a long car trip, be sure to stop frequently and let your dog go to the bathroom. This will eliminate the chance for an accident, and will also help ease your dog’s nerves.

You may also want to consult with your Veterinarian for more advice. Some owners may use tranquilizers when traveling with their pets, which the vet can prescribe, but keep in mind tranquilizers may not be necessary. Dogs are creatures of habit. If you continually take your dog in the car and he is scared and nervous during every trip, this may be an option. However, try not to use medication until you have allowed your dog time to get used to taking car trips.

Plane Travel

Flying may be more stressful for your pet than driving in the car and a tranquilizer may be a good choice if you are taking your dog with you on a plane. Again, be sure to discuss your options with your Veterinarian.

Flying with your pet also has requirements and procedures that you should be aware of before planning a trip. Each airline is likely to have their own set of rules and regulations for dog passengers. Some may require a tranquilizer for small dogs to travel with you on the plane. Larger dogs me be required to be transported in a different area of the plane than passengers. You can visit PetSmart for a listing of the pet travel policies among the major airlines serving North America.

Be sure to check with the airline you will be traveling on in advance to be sure that you have met their requirements. Most airlines are likely to require a regulation crate and paperwork from your Veterinarian showing your dog is in good health and up to date on his vaccinations.


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