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Are you Allergic to Cats? Common Symptoms of Cat Allergies

Are you Allergic to Cats? Common Symptoms of Cat Allergies

Many people long to own a cat only to find out they have a cat allergy. Cat allergies can have mild to severe affects on different people. There are many different things you can do to coexist with your cat and your cat allergy depending on the severity of your allergies.

Below we have some tips for reducing cat dander, symptoms of cat allergies and how you can help minimize your allergy to cats.

Common Cat Allergy Symptoms

Cat allergy symptoms can have mild affects to severe affects. The most common cat allergy signs are itching, sneezing and congestion. Some people also experience eye redness, itching, swelling and tearing.

More severe symptoms are coughing, wheezing, tightness in the chest and shortness of breath. A person suffering from asthma can have extreme allergies that may cause more serious problems.

It is important to realize that cat allergies are cumulative. In other words, they build up. A person that suffers from cat allergies most likely has other allergies as well. Most people do not suffer from a cat allergy alone. If you are unsure it is best to make an appointment with your doctor and consider having allergy tests done.

9 Tips for Living with a Cat Allergy

  1. Eliminate contact with your cat whenever possible. Have another member of the family change the litter box or groom him.
  2. There are over the counter medications you can take to help with allergy symptoms.
  3. Do not allow your cat to sleep in your bed this alone will greatly reduce your cat allergy!
  4. Wash all comforters, sheets and quilts in hot water weekly to get rid of cat hair and dander that causes your allergy.
  5. Wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your mouth or eyes after petting your cat.
  6. Frequent grooming will help eliminate cat shedding. If you don’t have someone in the home to help with the grooming it may be worth it to take him to get groomed. The less contact you have, the better your allergies!
  7. Vacuum rugs regularly with a HEPA filter. Also you can find vacuum bags that are thicker and made for people with allergies.
  8. Invest in a HEPA air purifier.
  9. Steam cleaning your carpets is very effective for eliminating cat dander. You can invest in a steam cleaner you can use yourself or you can hire a steam cleaning company to come in.

Please Note: that the information provided above is solely for the purpose of informing and educating our visitors and should not be used to replace the advice or care of a professional, qualified veterinarian


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