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Cats are nosy creatures by nature! They love to explore and roam and get into anything and everything that is in their grasp. Knowing that cats are curious creature’s means we have to take precautions to keep our cat safe and away from potential harm.

In your own house there can be several dangers lurking that you may not even realize can hurt your cat! To keep your cat safe you will have to take precautions and keep the things that can harm him out of his reach. To find potential dangers, just think of the objects and precautions you would take for a toddler as well.

Here are a few of the most dangerous items and places that can harm your cat:

Cords: Cats love to chew electrical cords, phone cords – basically any type of cord, it is for that reason that you should try to keep them out of reach and hidden as much as possible. Make it hard for your cat to reach these items.

The Washer & Dryer: Cats like to climb and sleep in warm places, make sure he doesn’t climb into the dryer or the washing machine. Be sure to check both appliances before use, believe it or not this is a common mistake made by many cat owners and it has a fatal outcome for your cat.

Recliner Chairs: Cats like to sneak and sleep underneath the chair as it’s warm, dark and snuggly but if you don’t know your cat is there and someone reclines the chair, it can be seriously injured and possibly prove fatal.

Bags: Cats like to climb into empty bags just like everything else, they are curious and like snuggly spaces, however the cat can get stuck in the handle of the bag and it could possible choke him. Be sure to keep all bags from him reach especially when you are not home to supervise.

Outdoors: As you would imagine there are even more potential dangers outside your home as inside! Cats have a habit of crawling up into the motor of your car; it wouldn’t hurt to take a peek before starting your car when you know your cat may be outside.

As we mentioned above, when trying to keep your cat safe take the same precautions that you would for a crawling baby or walking toddler!


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