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Cat Dental Care & Prevention

Many cat owners do not realize the importance of checking their cat’s gums and teeth on a regular basis to prevent gum disease and infections. The good news is cats are known to have stronger teeth than dogs and they are less likely to gather a disease – but it is still important to keep a watchful eye and take precautions.

It is best to have your Veterinarian check your cat’s teeth once per year. In between yearly visits, you should set aside time to check your cat’s mouth each week, just as you set aside time for grooming him so it becomes a regular habit.

When checking your cat’s gums and teeth, first notice if there is any mouth odor, or any brownish deposits on the teeth. Next, check for any redness along the gum line. The brown deposits extend underneath the gums, which brings bacteria into the tooth socket. The gums will then become infected, and you will have a more severe problem with a costly solution. At this stage, by having your cat’s teeth cleaned by your Veterinarian and routinely checking your cats mouth, you can keep your cat healthy and happy without a great deal of agony or expense.

Also, cats commonly have a broken or abscessed tooth. An abscess can cause an infection which can cause other potential problems for your cat such as lack of appetite and the infection can spread into his blood stream, making it harder for you to fix while costing more pain for your cat and more expense for you, the cat owner.

The moral of the story; set aside time weekly to check your cats mouth for any irregularities and problems, he will love you for it!

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Please Note: that the information provided above is solely for the purpose of informing and educating our visitors and should not be used to replace the advice or care of a professional, qualified veterinarian

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