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Horse Safety Tips

Horse Safety Tips

Horses are beautiful, loving creatures but like anything else in life, there are precautions you should take when dealing with them. While a horse would never intentionally hurt a person or another animal, accidents can happen. It is best to be aware of how to avoid such occurrences before they happen.

Barn Safety Tips:

All barn equipment should have a proper place for storing, they should not be left out where a horse can step on them or a human can trip over them as well. Always be sure to put rakes, forks and any other equipment out of reach.

When cleaning Up be sure to sweep up the barn on a regular basis to prevent any foreign objects, nails and the like to be left on the barn floor which can hurt your foot and your horses hoof.

When visiting the barn be sure to wear proper attire and a shoe that will protect your feet. You should never wear an open toed shoe, flip flop or sandal when working or visiting a barn. It is best to wear a sneaker or shoe so that your foot is protected at all times.

More Horse Safety Tips:

Always be aware of where you are standing in proximity to where the horse is; should you have to walk behind him, always walk as close to him as possible. Should the horse get nervous or startled he could possibly kick, this can be avoided by walking closely behind him not allowing him room to kick.

You should always lead your horse back into the barn or stall, do not allow him to charge into the stall. Taking the time to train your horse in this manner is a safe measure for any other horses, animals and people that may be present when your horse darts in the barn or stall. When using a lead to guide your horse into the barn, use a lead rope which will give you more control then leading him by the halter.

Lastly, keep your animals separate and never put them alone in a confined space. Many animals simply do not get along and can become agitated which could end up an unsafe situation for you and the animals


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