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Horse Riding Safety

Horse Riding Safety

When riding a horse you should always have a helmet on, no matter the age a helmet should be worn when horse riding! Don’t be so quick to say no way! They have some pretty neat looking helmets to choose from in many different styles. Wearing a helmet can be the difference between a minor scrape and cut and possibly hurting your head or worse. Do be sure to pick an approved helmet!

When you go horse riding you should always wear sturdy shoe that has a heel. A sturdy heel will help keep your feet safe and in the stirrup at all times. It will allow your foot to have leverage should you feel off balance or if a problem should arise while riding.

It is best to wear pants that tuck into your boot when riding. If your pant leg is too baggy it could very well get caught on something while riding that could cause you to get snagged or worse. You should also ride in clothes that are loose and comfortable and not tight or restricting.

Before each ride, be sure to check your bridle and saddle for any problems that may have occurred such as rotting or stitching coming undone. After each ride you should clean your tack and store it in a dry area to prevent any damage occurring in between rides. Also, it is best to make sure the bridal is adjusted to where you left it since you last rode. A bridal that isn’t adjusted comfortably will cause a cranky horse and a not so fun ride for you!

When dismounting the horse always remove both of your feet from the stirrups before swinging your right leg over the horse’s hindquarters. This is a simple way to avoid an accident occurring while you are dismounting the horse.

While horses are beautiful, loving animals children under the age of 18 should never ride unsupervised by an adult. Just as any other animal, horses can get scared or upset and become unpredictable, its best to practice safety first.


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