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Tips for Grooming your Horse

Tips for Grooming your Horse

You may not be looking forward to the first time you set out to groom your horse, as the first time may be less than pleasant for you. However, if you have the proper tools and steps to follow, it can be a pleasant experience for you and your horse.

Regularly grooming your horse is essential, not only for the well being of your horse but it will also allow you to notice any injuries, cuts or skin problems they may have, before they get infected or cause harm to your horse.

Tools needed for properly grooming your horse are:

Rubber currycomb – A metal currycomb should not be used for grooming your horse, but rather for cleaning the brushes used while grooming your horse.

  • Dandy brush
  • Body brush with soft bristles
  • Mane and tail comb
  • Towel

Grooming the Body of the horse:

Start at your horse’s neck and then work your way down the horse’s body from side to side. This will help ensure that you are not missing any part of your horse’s body. Also, do not forget the belly!

Begin by using the currycomb to remove any dry skin, dirt or loose hair on the horse’s body. You should use a circular motion on the body, but use caution when grooming the bony areas. A currycomb is too rough for use on the face and legs, as they are more sensitive then the body.

Next, use a dandy brush in a sweeping motion over the body. While sweeping the body, shake the brush away from the horse to shake off any excess dirt or hair to prevent brushing it right back onto your horse. Take your time and follow the direction of the hair to assure you have gotten all of it.

After you have groomed the body using the dandy brush, take the body brush and use it over the coat to smooth out the hair and remove any remaining dirt and loose hair.

The last step is to polish the body of the horse with a towel, it will help assure any excess hair and dirt is gone. Your horse with be left with a shiny new coat!

Grooming the tail of your horse:

Groom the tail delicately and in sections using a mane and tail comb to separate the hairs and any knots. A stiff brush can be useful for removing any dirt at the base of the mane.

Grooming the legs and face of your horse:

Use a small damp cloth to wipe down the horses legs and face gently. Be careful near his eyes.

IYP Smart Tip:

If you will be grooming more than one horse, you should have separate grooming tools for that horse as well. This will help to not spread any infections or skin fungus your horse may have.


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